One-day trip to Amsterdam / modern architecture in Netherlands capital

This post is actually old but I somehow completely forgot to post it :(
But I wanted to share it with you even though it is outdated :D
After all I was in
Amsterdam !
Yeaaaa , we went there to find inspiration for our B1 project , in which we need to draft seven housing units in Cologne right next to the river Rhein .I wasn’t that excited to go there , since I’ve already been to Amsterdam before with my family , but of course we would get to see a lot of other things .

Well , at least we did , since I was forced to wake up at 4 am in the morning . . . ehem . . .

Let me repeat myself –
4 AM in the morning , like . . . WTFH ????!?!?!?!
In order to take the bus at 5:30 am .
Next time I better not sleep at all or better : I excuse myself due to illness .
First stop :
Piräus .
architects : Hans Kollhoff ( Berlin ) and Christian Rapp ( Berlin / Amsterdam (
The giant complex with over 300 flats completely contain welfare housings .
I like how the corridors are so long and different from each other ~
One of the entrances :)
Kind of resembles archivolt gates from gothic cathedrals ?
Short stop at :
the Whale
architects : De Cia Architehten
next stop :
a break at a very lovely café / bar 
from which I didn’t take any photos . . . because I simply forgot to .
With Shiki ( my HATCH pet , app ) and Shiki with Nik :D
I sooooo love HATCH and Shiki , the app is so cute , Shiki is always hungry and whining for some fruit . . . it never annoys me though !
Next stops :
the courtyard houses in Borneo-Sporenburg
from various architects
for example :
architects : Neutelings & Riedjik ( Rotterdam )
next :
wating for slow people to meet up with them to continue walking
and wondering where to go next 
next stop :
nave and courtyard house ( Langhaus und Hofhaus )
architects : Diener & Diener ( Basel )
With about 127 flats and a position right next to the river this building is both giant and expensive .
We had the opportunity to go and take a look at one of the flats and most probably one of the finest ones in the whole building .
It’s owner is an interior designer .
I liked how minimalistic and clean the interior looked . . . but it seems a bit too lonely and cold ( not really cold as from hot & cold :P ) for me to want to live in there .
But the sight is quite nice :)
We also went to the new Amsterdam ( right opposite the historic center , at the other side of the river ) .
It’s said to be less interesting for real Amsterdam citizens , since it’s made of entirely new buildings .
Buildings from famous architects like Álvaro Siza .
I guess I really did get to see a new side of Amsterdam <3
Have you ever been to Amsterdam ?
I think that after this day I want to visit Amsterdam much more . . . it’s pretty close to where I live actually !
Just 2 hours ? With train maybe even 1 1/2 hours ?
Brussels is also very close to me ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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