Ultimative foodporn post !

Hey everyone <3
Now I know why I started taking photos of food .
Because food ( can ) look so yummy . Just looking at it makes my mouth water ~
Plus I can show off what I ate to others
torture myself a little bit by looking at these photos when dieting .
Now to share this torture with everyone – please take a look at all these yummy food :)
Took them in the last few months before my diet .
BTW – it’s only been my 5rth day .
I’m in bloody hell .
 Shawarma with fries and salad
and beef ground meat with special spices and garbanzos ( german “Kichererbsen” )
Cutlet with curry-pineapple-sauce and fries
Fried chickenbreast with fried noodles
 Pineapple cream soda 
Cream soda
Vietnamese fried spring rolls
 Vietnamese noodle salad 
( I forgot the name :P ) and overly awesome drink in the background
 Pancake with cherries 
 Dolsot Bibimbap ( korean ) and miso soup 
 Vietnamese spring rolls 
(super duper healthy ! Gotta eat it again soon ! )
Pizza Pesto-Spinaci
 Baked potato with sour cream and salad 
I can’t wait to eat that stuff again . . . like . . . reaaaaaaaally
Until then I gotta keep up with this stupid diet !
Fighting ! ! !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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