What to do on a sunny sunday ? / Lucky Chocolate Spring Photoshoot !

Hey lovelies <3
Time for an update !
Last sunday I had another shooting with two girls of the Lucky Chocolate Maidcafé !
Finally the weather got much better and a lot of great photos were taken by . . .
Hochihochi <3 Aka Ahoachi . Aka my bf <3 .
He was so kind to endure our demands for 4 hours haha !
First time for him taking photos with a DSLR but he did great :
Maid Misa , me and Maid Luna under the cherrytrees ~
This one is one of my favourites he took !
We look so peaceful – well , the sun was shining so bright , it was so hard to keep our eyes open !
Borrowed Maid Luna’s cat-ear-headband <3 Suits her more though :P
But I like this photo because the colours here look really soft and natural :)
I don’t know what I was trying to do with my hand there haha . . .
My favourite solo pic <3
Thanks Hochiii for the photos <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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