*~ Korean Make Up Haul ~* / make up review : Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

Hey everyone !
It’s another make up haul post with some products from 
Missha and Skin 79 and
Etude House !
I love Etude House – not pricey at all yet soooo lovely products~
This time I bought some stuff via ebay ( god bless ebay ) and it arrived 2-3 weeks after that .
Not bad for a package from Korea !
I will definitely buy some more from that shop because it is not expensive at all and hey put a lot of test products into the package :D
No. 1
Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker
It’s quite popular among korean girls to look childish and cute and well . . . simply google that korean word “aegyo” . . .
I simply love the make up products of Etude House and I got to know this product by some youtubers :) It seems to be an interesting product to me and after trying for 10 minutes I stll don’t know how to use it . . .
The combination of a brown colour and a highlighting colour promises to make those “aegyo sal” .
( image from somewhere in the internet / googled it )
It appears to me to be more difficult than I thought it would be
No. 2
Bubble Hair Coloring
I got this hair dye in two colours and I didn’t test them yet .
I am hoping that the results are the same as Bubbly from Liese and Prettia Hair Bubble DIY Dye !
The packaging looks a bit cheap to me . . . may as well be fakes . . . who knows ?! I will once I tried them !
No. 3
Perfect Cover BB Cream No 21
I always wanted to try this one and I found this perfect test size of 20 ml for about 3€ !
The colour is little bit brighter than my face skin . . . maybe the No 23 one would have been better ?
Gonna try it next time I buy from them !
It is very easy to apply and not cakey at all but rather liquid . It’s coverage is not perfect as its name states but it is good enough and it brightens up the face due to it’s little shimmer particles . Whatever – I like it but I will try the No 23 one next time and hope to settle on that one .
No. 4
Dear My Blooming Lips-talk ( lipstick )
RD 306 ( dark red )
The packaging of this product is extremely cute >______< !
I was searching for a dark red lipstick and was surprised to find this . . . so happy !
The lipstick is matte and seems to be brighter when applied :
I guess I already told you that I wanted a DARK RED lipstick so I was kind of disappointed in this lipstick . . .
Of course some colours appear darker when applied on the lips so I tried it on myself :
If you wonder why I compare before applying with after :
 I think it’s important to know how the natural lip colour is , which is different from person to person . It’s the same as skin colour . When lipstick is applied the way I do ( I apply it in thin layers by softly pressing the lipstick on my lips – I know it’s not how normal people do it XD ) , it may look a bit different from person to person . Well – it may not be significant to you :P
So the lipstick turned out to be nearly the same colour as my channel lipstick which is bright red . Disappointment confirmed .
Verdict :  ( 3 / 5  )
+ it does last long
+ it doesn’t dehydrate my lips ( which are very sensitve )
+/- price is okay for the outcome ( 6€ )
– not the colour it is said to be
– it is not that covering ( not so good pigmentation ? Thus different colour outcome ? )
Maybe the other colours are better than this dark one from Etude House ?
The test products 
I got some BB Cream tests from Skin79 ( which I actually didn’t test yet )
plus some sheet masks
which are full size !
Happy with my products from Korea tehe <3 Hope you liked my Etude House Haul post !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

9 thoughts on “*~ Korean Make Up Haul ~* / make up review : Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

  1. I got to try some samples of Skin79 and I must say I think it’s great! But I am far more in love with the overly cute Etude House packaging, I fall for that so bad, I’d buy anything that has a pink bow. Your photography is amazing btw :D makes me imagine being there (the pics from the previous posts hehe)

    • Ok- I have yet to try all of the test products from Skin79 but the one I tried is really really good though a bit too light for me :)
      XDD I’m not so in love with the pink but bow is totally love <3
      Thnxxx dear <3 I'm just a mere hobby photographer and still got to learn a lot :3

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