First time in Berlin ! part 1 / architectural tour in Germany’s capital

Hey lovelies !
So if you have not noticed yet I have been toBERLIN this weekend !

It’s the first time for me being there in Germany’s capital though I have already visited Munich twice . . .  tehe . . .  they are both very huge and important cities but sooooo entirely different !
 Me and the Berlin bear that is probably watching every one from every corner of the capital . . .
he really is everywhere . . .
This is the Red Town Hall and the Berlin TV Tower
 I even found the World Clock at the Alexanderplatz near the town hall and the TV tower . . . I somehow imagined it to look a bit cooler . Haha . . .
Next day we went to see the big tourist attractions like the Reichstag
 The Potsdamerplatz with the replica of the first traffic light in Europe surrounded by some huge impressive buildings . Plus me and my sis .
At the Sonycentre and the IMAX theaters .
I’ve never been to an IMAX theater . . . heard it it pretty big and another level of cinema experience x.x ? It’s just expensive to me !
The Holocaust memorial .
It’s really fascinating how such a large space is given to this memorial ( near the Brandenburger Tor ) . So many tomb-like stones placed in a pattern  .
Walking into the middle of the memorial you disappear from the surface and it feels almost like in a labyrinth inside .
The atmosphere is really stunning !
My sis and me in the middle of the road between the Brandenburger Tor and the Siegessäule ( Victory Column )
Not so typical : chocolate covered pretzel ! It was expensive and not yummy at all . . . but me being hungry 24/7 made it worth buying
Castle Bellevue where the federal President of Germany resides .
A mal box in front of the castle . In Londonstyle red . Tehe . . .
The Victory Column ! It looks kinda . . . weird :D
I like the Obelisks in Rome more but you can actually go in the Column and go to the top of it !
 Inside the column was a small miniature museum ( of buldings from around the world … ?! ) and I had to take a photo of these churches , which were topic in one of my lectures at university :
The cathedral of Reims ( France )
Who ever loves Disney doesn’t know this church ( by name at least ) :
The cathedral of Notre Dame ( France )
And then there is this one :
The cathedral of Moskow ( Russia ) .
Ok .
It kind of reminds me of Hundertwasser :D
Photo taken from the top of the column .
Photo taken from the bottom of the staircase to the top of the column .
Oh yeaaaa .
Photo taken from the Bus . If you don’t know and you want to visit the most important tourist places in Berlin without paying a fortune for the tourist busses : TAKE THE BUS LINE 100 .
We took the train to visit the Gendarmenmarkt famous for it’s most beautiful plaza where the two twin churches are plus the Berlin Concert Hall .
So that’s pretty much all of the architectural important buildings I have visited in my 3 days trip to Berlin .
This is more like a diary entry as a reminder which places I have seen than a tour guide for your trip to Berlin :D
It may be better to visit one of the many websites with such guides .
I didn’t really plan my trip in Berlin .
I just took the bus or train and got of whenever I saw something interesting .
The public transport in Berlin is quite complex but really good to see every corner of Berlin .Just remember to take Bus 100 and get a map / good screenshot of the subway map !

Next blog post will be about my visit of the East Side Gallery ( Berlin Wall ) and the FOOOOOOOD . Be sure not to miss it !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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