Make up review : Apocalips lip lacquer by RIMMEL

Hey lovelies !
As I already told you in my Denmark haul post I have got my hands on two lovely 
lip lacquers of the RIMMEL APOCALIPS series ~
Well, well, I really need to admit that I totally love them ! Why ?
I gotta tell you below :3 

This one is No. 601 Light Year 
I really love how it looks pretty natural , it’s like naturally Snowwhite’s lips *A*
It is my favourite lip colour right now and I take it with me all the time <3
Next one is . . 
No. 401 Aurora
Applying the lip laquer . . .
Yup, I also love this colour ! It’s a much brighter / redder than the other one thus I would wear it less often, I guess :3
Here’s a direct lip comparison starting with not wearing any lip lacquer <3
Overall rating :

4/5 stars
+ The price is nice (got them for 20 Kronen, that’s about 3€)
+ once dried the colour lasts long 
+ it doesn’t need any extra nurturing balm as it is pretty much nurturing by itself
+ lovely looking packaging
+ precision tip for applying
– the brighter colours seem to last longer than the nude ones . . .
– it does smudge if you don’t use the paper trick right after applying it 
All in all I would say that they are a better alternative to the Manhattan 24hours lip stain , which I have used before .
The one from Manhattan need extra nurturing lip balms. 
I love the colour that Manhattan does not have, which is also not glittery at all ( I hate glitter . . .  but Manhattan has many glittery ones ! ) PLUS I can wear the Light Year one for any occasion since it’s not too much ~

Hope you liked the review !

lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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