My trip to Copenhagen ! part 3 / Biiiiiig Denmark X Christmas HAUL !

Hey lovelies ~
Guess what it’s time to show you my Denmark haul and Christmas gifts !
As I already told you in my previous posts ( with lots n lots of food porn . . . )
I have been to Copenhagen to visit my grandparents and other relatives .
But of course I used the possibility to do some shopping while they had a great sale right after christmas !
So here is the my entire Christmas Haul whether it was a gift from others or from myself to me !
A collection of Disney’s greatest love songs ! 
Thank you , Ling-ling for this <3
Les Misérables DVD 
Already watched it 3 times but there will be a few more sessions coming soon . . .  buahahah !
A deadly alarm clock 
Something that can actually wake me up and keep me from sleeping . . . probably :D ?
Sweets from BONBONLAND 
BONBONLAND is actually a themepark in Denmark and it is awesome !
I haven’t been there for a long long time but last time I was there . . .
they allowed me to actually MAKE candy myself !
My giant Nemuneko got some siblings !
Aren’t they sooooo cute ?
Plus another bed buddy for me !
Let me introduce you to . . .
Mr. White !
( I guess he’s missing his hat ? )
A Rilakkuma 
from my dear old friend from the US !
Thank you Pat !
Also got this cute ball-like Pooh bear !
I love throwing it into the air while lying in my bed tehe <3
Finally got my hands on some
ciaté manicure ! 
I liked this set best out of soooo many others .
They even have gold pearl beads !
And guess what this is . . .
Yeaaaa – I bought this Tangle Tweezer while it was suuuuper duper cheap ! 8€ !
My sister was in asia for christmas and I asked her to get me some 
Liese foam hair dye .
I always use Liese because there is no easier way to dye ( and lighten ) your hair than this or the hairdresser
What arrived in time for christmas ?
My order from !
Featuring this pair of 
Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown 
( Bambi series ) circle lenses

I’ll try them on in a future post and tell you about them :D
I always love to try new CL colours ~
Got this
miniature size of Chanel Lipstick
and I totally fell in love with Chanel Lipsticks . . .
They really stay for the whole evening !
actually is not available in drugstores here in Germany anymore . . .  or at least I don’t seem to find it x.x
Anyway – these APOCOLIPS lip lacquers 
are awesome and they work as fine as Maybelline’s lip lacquers ! But they don’t require extra nurturing lip balm .
A nail polish from NYX !
Two nail polishes from lm 
and . . .
two more nail polishes from RIMMEL ! These two really look great and I only need to apply one coat of the nail polish :)
Four pens from Artline ! 
Tehe , you may not know but these are great !
Especially the 0,05 one and the 0,8 one :P
I soooo HAD to get this !
Retro popcorn bags FTW !
Also found this awesome cut out stamp !
Work perfectly fine :3
Got recommended this : 
dry shampoo from TRESemmé
The best dryshampoo out there ?
Not sure yet – still need to try and I actually never used one !
Oversize winered cardigan from VERO MODA
And I TOTALLY FELL IN LOVE with this jacket I found in Fields in Copenhagen :
oversize army jacket from envii
I need to use this bag whenever the time is right !
And finally this gift from my sisters to me :
A bag from ZARA :)
Finally got a bag that would fit with every outfit !
So happy with my haul <3
Yeaaaay <3
That’s it ! I hope you all have a very
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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