My trip to Copenhagen ! part 2 / food diary : New Years feast and fireworks ~

Hey lovelies ! 

This is part 2 of my food diary in Copenhagen !
Introducing to you :


Red Velvet Cupcake .
The cake is actually dark red and very fluffy , the topping is creamy ( butter cream ) and looks adorably like a rose . . . so beautiful !
and :

Wth , it’s not double choc , it’s

Double Chocolate Brownie Cupcake
I found these little cakes in a shop in Copenhagen ! They were quite expensive but I had o buy and try them , because they looked so yummy ~ The store also had many more cupcakes <3
On one day we went to 
the amusement park right in the heart of Copenhagen !
Tivoli is not really big for an amusement park . Otherwise it would take a lot of place from Copenhagen ! Nevertheless it is filled with so many attractions !

It’s quite funny but there are two different tickets for entry :

one is for simply entering Tivoli , the other is for entry PLUS using all attractions .

Because it was rather cold I decided to pay for entry only :) I just wanted to see the inside of Tivoli once it it dark and I swear to you . . .

it was so beautiful and worth the money !
The day of Silvester / New Years Eve all the kids gathered in my aunts place while all the elders went to my grandparents place to celebrate .
While they had hot-pot as food we had Danish food :)
But one thing I definitely had to show you guys :This traditional danish New Years cake is made of pure marzipan !
It’s prepared days before New Years , takes lots of time because you bake it with low temperatures in the oven but the result is great :
Our starters : 

salmon salad . . .
. . .  and  caviar appetizers . . .
. . . and more !
My plate of the main course :)
I know – so much yummy food ! I loooooove it !
Just a few hours later it was time to lit up the sky with lots n lots of fireworks !Right in the middle of Copenhagen I was able to see so many beautiful fireworks ~
And that’s me haha :D
Sooooo – the next post will be coming very soon !
It will be all about what I bought in Copenhagen :3
Be sure not to miss it !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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