My trip to Copenhagen ! part 1 / food diary / traditional Danish christmas food ~

I’m finally back from Copenhagen !
Yes , so I guess I pretty much gained about 1-2 kg from all the delicious food I got in Denmark , but really – look at all my foodographies in the following and decide for yourself . . . Would you have said no to that ?
I am too much of a food-lover to miss any of those :D
Anyway – let’s start with the sum up of my Copenhagen trip with this food diary post :)
Together with my sis Maggi , my lil bro Alex and my mum I took the 1-hour flight straight to Copenhagen . . . really , one hour only ! That’s so much faster than my trip from home to Aachen ( where I live ) which takes 2 1/2 and at times 3 hours !
Got this lovely chocolate heart from airberlin <3
On the next day I got to see some of my cousins during a nice diner in Dalle Valle .
It was soooo cheap ( 50 Kronen per person ! ) and they offered pretty much for an all-you-can-eat restaurant !
My starters plate :
They actually had many traditional dishes but I’m sorry for not having made a photo of those :(
The dessert :
Rice pudding is actually a traditional food for christmas in Denmark . At Christmas Eve when all family members have gathered they make a bowl of rice pudding for each person and the oldest person puts an almond into one of the bowls . The lucky person with the chosen bowl gets a special present :)
These are Æbleskiver – one of my top favourite dishes of traditional Danish christmas food !
It’s kind of like a doughnut without the hole and you can get it for 10 Kronen per bag ( frozen, with about 20-25 pcs ) . That’s so cheap ! Plus you can easily warm it up in the microwave :) Takes just about 2-3 minutes ! I ate so much of that every morning ~
One day we went shopping on the mainstreet in Copenhagen . They have so many great stores like Topshop , Weekday , Urban Outfitters , and other stories , etc. <3
Of course , all the shopping for hours made me quite hungry :P
So I got this organic hotdog . Organic cucumber slices , organic bread , organic sausage , organic onions , organic sauce . . . but is the paper also organic ? Not sure !
We also stopped at a small booth which makes these yummy delicacies :
Churros with many different toppings to choose from !
Then Christmas Eve was right in front of the door and what awaited me instead of the traditional shiny and huge christmas tree was the fashion of this year ( according to the girlfriend of my cousin ) :
Reminds me strongly of the christmas tree in “The Nightmare before Christmas” ! ! !
Christmas is truly a food festival . . . so much yummy traditional danish christmas food prepared by my cousins :)
What you can see in the front of this picture is not baked beans but small potatoes in a caramel syrup sauce . It may sound weird but is quite yummy ! I really loved it I will definitely try to make this myself !
After this awesome feast and being fully satisfied we continued with some drinking games :D And lucky me didn’t have to drink as much as the others ! While others got quite frustrated . . . like this :
I took a break from all the drinking and found these treasures in my cousins room :
The day after Christmas I went to my grandmas place because the parents prepared this :
Vietnamese spring rolls ( as I call them :D )
And nope , we are not vietnamese but mx mother and her family used to live in Hanoi :)
I also tried one of the famous ( healthy ) burgers at a fast-food restaurant ( forgot its name x.x ) which I would desribe as a fusion of Burger Kind and Subway . Sounds weird , but it’s actually really good ! But it’s kinda pricey . . .  79 Kronen for a menu !
Another day we celebrated my cousins birthday with mexican food !
And of course : CAKE !
So that’s it for this my food diary of my christmas trip to Copenhagen !
Hope you liked it !
A Copenhagen Haul blog post will be following soon !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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