Chillaxing in Düsseldorf / stylish café TOY-KIO and korean restaurant GIN SENG

Hellowww lovelies ~
only a few days left until the giveaway is over !

So be sure to enter my giveaway !
Up until the 31st of December ˜
I was hanging a very dear friend of mine these days :
Jasmin !
I used to dance with her in the K-Pop dance group Rush . . . but I had to leave due to lack of time . . . because of study :(
So sorry for that I can’t spent more time with her and all the other very dear friends of mine . . . like Hennelinchen !
We spent a day in Düsseldorf , just like in the good old days :) I hope we can do that again very soon in a group !

I guess I already had a blogpost about the korean restaurant Gin Seng in Düsseldorf ( near the Immermannstr. ) but they really never fail to satisfy me with their very genuine korean food . . . so goooooooooood !

After that meal we went to the café TOY-KIO next it .

Also has been a long time since I last visited :)

Sorry for the blurriness , but the light there actually makes it hard to make decent photos
I love the café and it’s atmossphere there , it’s totally the best for chilling and chatting !
That’s art ;A; Made it hard for me to drink it . . .
Love to hang out with you <3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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