Special Christmas Event : Lucky Chocolate Maid Café ~ Dreams come true ~

Hey lovelies !
Last weekend we had a special Christmas Maid Café Event in Mülheim – so about 15 of us maids dressed up nicely again ( and some very fitting to this season ) to serve our customers ! ( Ojou-sama and Goshujin-sama of course :3 )
It was kind of chaotic , since it was the first event with the new maid leaders but I think they did a great job there !I also invited the blogger and photograph Jürgen from
to the event , to take photos for his blog and for us and I must admit . . .
HE DID A WONDERFUL JOB THERE !Although he wasn’t our official photographer , he took a lot of time and patience to take these photos :) And his way from Frankfurt also isn’t that short . Thank you for coming , I guess all the others are also very thankful , so I may speak for them too :
Thank you for the nice photos , Jürgen !
Here are some of the photos he picked out for me :
You want a piece of cake ?
Playing guitar together with Arina – NOT . Just faking :D
And now with DoKomi organizator Andi <3
special OOTD
rose headpiece from Primark
maid dress + hand cuffs + apron from Bodyline
rabbit tights from Syndrome
black sneaker wedges from H&M
Definitely need to wear these rabbit tights again when we start an easter event , tehe ~
With maid Tecky ~
With maid Arina , May and Aimi ~
With all the maids at the event plus our dear kitchen chef Dobby :D
Don’t mind my face in the photo . . . I dunno what I tried to do there !
So nice he helped us there – finally we have a good new group photo ! Although by now we are so much more maids XD 40 maids I guess ? Maybe we have reached the title of most famous , biggest maid café in Europe ? Or maybe in the near future ? I love the maids – they are all so lovely ! Everyone has an entirely different personality ~
Hope you liked the post !
And be sure to enter my giveaway that will end on the 31st of December ! 
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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