ONE OK ROCK CONCERT ! / in Bonn , Germany

Hellowwww ladies ‘n’ gents ~
I know it’s been way toooooooo long since the concert took place , but I actually totally FORGOT to write you about it !
I saw them . . . heard them . . . all in live ! !
ONE OK ROCK actually came to Germany half a month ago and I got the chance to go there ~
Everyone waiting in front go the building ~ Soooo excited !
I actually just came from university but still I wanted to dress up nicely :3 Since I also wanted to wear comfortable things , I decided on a simple festival look with my red roses headpiece !
Waitin in line with Henne <3 Long time not seeing you again
The stage . OMG . >___________< <3
With the others tehe <3 I didn’t know that there would be solo many of us at the concert :D Was really nice ! Many people means crowd-controll in concerts you know XD ? !
I was soooo happy at the end of the show ! They even gave us an enchore :3
So niceeee – I definitely HAD to buy a T-shirt from them !
So that’s it ! It was soooo worth it ! ONE OK ROCK ,  they are so awesome >______< <3
Every single song was great ! I soooo soooooo love their vocalist ~
Hooottiiiiiieeee ~
Tehe ~
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

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