[ UPDATE : closed ! ] XMAS giveaway ! / Time for some presents ~

Winners are :
Ariel from Japan
Christine from Philadelphia
Justine from US
Anni from Sweden
Thank you for entering <3
I’ve contacted you :)
Hellow lovelies !
I’ve got something BIG for you <3
As already mentioned in the previous post , I’m starting an
The entry is open worldwide !
Final day of entry is the 31st of December 12 am ~ 
Here’s what you can win :
These HINT MINT tin boxes with limited edition illustration by Audrey Kawasaki !
I sooooo love her art and her style !
Once I found out , that she did these lovely illustrations for HINT MINT , I instantly had to buy the full set ! Each flavor with a different accordingly illustration . . . I think it really fits to the flavors !
I’m gonna gift 5 lucky winners with 1 of the  5 boxes PLUS one of the following 5 giveaway sets !
You get to decide which box you would like :)
This one here is Peppermint . Classic .
Green Tea flavored mints ~
This one is Pomegranate Acai .
This one is Chocolate .
This one is Cinnamint ( cinnamon and mint , I guess ) .
1. giveaway set : How about one of these uber cute hand towels from NyanNyanNyanko and Rilakkuma
OMG I SO LOVE RILAKKUMA , SO I BOUGHT 3 hand towels  . . . so here are two for you <3
2. giveaway set : 4 mask sheets – two Japanese Cherry Blossom Masks and two Black Pearl masks ~
My two absolute favorite masks from My Beauty Diary !
3. giveaway set : these two lovely chinese pouch bags :) I prefer using mine as a make up bag for on the go ~
4. giveaway set : Nail set 1
– contains a nail art ( glitter ) set and a nail base/top coat from MANHATTAN.
5. giveaway set : Nail set
– contains a red-pinkish nail polish AAAND . . . pearl beads ! I love pearl beads !
Ever since I saw Michelle Phan having used them ( from Ciate I guess ? ) , I was so in love with them ~ And they are absolutely easy to use !
Not shown on the photography is a handy mini cone , which I add to this nail set :) It will help you get all the leftover pearl beads back into the container .
All from Embellish .
( Sorry for those who already entered the giveaway a few days ago via Rafflecopter – since it seems to not really work on not selfhosted wordpress blogs , I figured it would be best , to do it the classic way :) Please be sure to enter the giveaway by following the beneath instructions <3 )
So . . .
To enter the giveaway and win ONE out of these 5 giveaways , you need to
– follow my blog !
– comment below to tell me your Name , country AND which giveaway you would like !
optional you can double or triple your chance of winning by
– reblogging my giveaway ! ( Please write down the link to the reblog in your comment )
– follow my tweets and tweet about my giveaway ! ( Please write down the tweetlink in your comment )
The winners will be announced the days after NEW YEARS . . . so please be patient <3
Well, I wish you the best of luck in this giveaway !
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~

10 thoughts on “[ UPDATE : closed ! ] XMAS giveaway ! / Time for some presents ~

  1. What a lovely giveaway, you’ve got so much cute stuff I couldn’t decided :D I’m Ariel from Japan and I would love to win the peppermints classic and Set 1 because the cuteness just killed me. Thanks for doing such a lovely giveaway~

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