Going to the christmas market ! / Christmas is nearing – time to eat !

Hellooooowww lovelies <3
It’s starting to snow over here in Germany already , christmas stuff has already been sold for 2 months in shops and supermarkets , yet christmas markets just opened up these days ! I guess around christmas time Germany is pretty famous for the lovely show of lights on huge and crowded christmas markets all over the country !
I was on the christmas market in Essen , where I get these absolute must-eats every single year !
I really don’t know any other place , where you could get these from , so I always wait patiently for christmas time to begin and for me to spent some money in this !No matter how much the raise in price – people still pay for it !
Why ? Because they are so overly awesomeeeeee . . .
Even though the ingrediants may be simple , they are so . . . much love . . . I recommend them to anybody visiting the christmas market in Essen !
Even had some Poffertjes :D Weird dutch name but always yummy
I even found christmas town !
Well , at least a model of it <3
Still need to get a christmas tree ! Must-buy for this christmas !
So – after being on the christmas market for a very short time ,  I found this donut shop in the Limbecker Centre . . . DONUTS FTW !
Of course I got myself half a dozen of them !
Gotta show you some exclusive XTRA FOODPORN stuff later . . .
gonna make your mouth water , tehe ~
You know what my brother did when we found this ? He went inside and loudly said ,  but I like Dortmund (BVB) more . . . like . . . searching for death 8D
Ok , done with the report .
Now – let’s make your mouth WATER :DDDD
This one’s a Giotto donut – you know what Giotto is ? Awesomeness :D
This one’s a marzipan donut – since I don’t like marzipan , I was fine with just taking this photo :D
Speculatius donut ~
This year I received two awesome chocolate advent calenders :3
This one is a twin advent calender from . . .  LINDT
I sooooooo love Lindt ! But why are they soooooo damn expensive ;A;
Well ,  never mind – cause this one was a gift :D Tehe <3
And this one here – is an UBER SPECIAL advent calender ! Some one tried to make me a Minion version calender – but due to lack of time this is the result :D Never mind – that makes 18 surprise toys WITH chocolate . . . 1
8 days with double the amount of chocolate (Lindt + Kinder chocolate ) . . . NICE  !
I hope you guys are all patiently waiting for an awesome christmas like I do ~
How could I not ?
With all these chocolates and stuff :3
lots ‘n’ lots of love ~
I’m currently working for a christmas giveaway for you guys ! Be sure to follow my blog if you don’t want to miss it !

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