last autumn sun / OOTD

Hey lovelies ~
This will be a short post about an OOTD .
Since my sis took away my Lumix and I have yet to recover it from ( >_______< ) . . . AGAIN . . .
the weather is starting to get very very cold over here in Germany – those of you who live somewhere , where it’s actually like summer now – curse you . JK .
I mean . . . why the hell can’t Germany be a little much closer to the equator ? ? ?
Tropical weather FTW 
OK – enough of unnecessary talking !
I took the oportunity of the last time the weather would be this nice :)
Hope you like it <3
// OOTD //
red woolen circle scarf  // Primark
white see-through shirt // MONKI
 rose belt // no-name ( bought in Hong Kong )
greenish skirt // Primark
black lining tights // Primark
brown leather shoes // Topshop
aztec bagpack // Primark
I guess I will be posting a November haul soon . . . seems like I was a bit into shopping this month !
Love ‘n’ kisses

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