short break . . . for sushi bento ! / constructional drafting model

Hey lovelies ~
This is a selfmade sushi bento <3 Yeaaa – you should know by now that I am a SUSHILOVER ! Thus I love making sushi myself  ! It’s just too expensive to eat out every time I want to eat sushi 
 . . . so I need to practice a lot to make the perfect sushi myself !
Tehe –  I also need to buy a bigger bento box . The one from above is from Rillakkuma ( I SOOOOO SUPER DUPER LOVE RILLAKKUMA ! ) and I got it from Hong Kong . Actually it’s been too long since I have last been there . . . I srsly need to visit Hong Kong sometime soon ! 
But :

and if my father doesn’t hurry up with the documents it will soon be 

I wanted to show you guys a part of our constructional drafting projects . The last days I have been busy with those draftings only but since we were done ahead of time I have one day ( today ) to chill and relax before starting with the drafts for another huge project ! Yesssss – SO LOVE MY TEAM I’M WORKING WITH ! ! ! Sooooo gonna tell you more about them some time soon !
This was our first small project . We had to analyze a building – here it is a hall of a printing office ( printing hall XD ?! ) .
I hope you’re all well – it’s getting colder and colder day by day . . . I hate the cold
Anyway – make sure to wear extra warm clothes ! Semester just started and we don’t want anyone to catch a cold <3

Love ‘n’ kisses

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