~ Halloween ~ / Broken Doll costume ! / special maids and hosts gathering

Hey lovelies !

Hope everyone had a nice and spooky Halloween !

I also had a great time this year with friends – first time ever to getting dressed up like that much for Halloween for me !

 Ling-Ling and me on the looooooong adventurous trip to Kami ( in Düsseldorf ) ! 

I really never wore anything for Halloween :P So it was soooo hard for me to decide which costume to wear . . . YUP – I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR AS A COSTUME . . . only my cosplays , which are obviously not spooky enough :/ Didn’t want to dirty them either :P

Plus the Halloween party I went to at Kami’s had a topic :

Carneval !

I spent so much time on Amazon to find something that would be delivered via Amazon Prime the next day since the next day was Halloween

See what I wore for Halloween here ( me while putting on Make Up and doing my hair etc ) :

OOTD Halloween special :

purple-but-supposed-to-be-red corsage from no name

petti coat from no nome ( I got it from a friend <3 )

heart tights from no name




That’s it ! That was a cheap costume :P 20€ for the corsage , I already owned the rest

Now let’s skip to where the fun begins :

Kami is a brilliant make-up artist ! Please do take a look at his facebook site HERE <3

Since he invited us to his hood , we all got a special Halloween make up from him <3

All the photos were taken by our old dear BINH :D
He also took the Valentineshooting photos for us !
The photos are all awesome ~ plus the editing of the photos . . . 

See more of his works on his Facebook HERE or his website HERE <3

Michelle ( Skeleton lady ) , me ( broken doll ) and Aimi ( somehow looks like a cosplay but isn’t ! )

And here is one of the best clown costumes I have ever seen – Henne as mad clown . . .
His look , his laugh , his hair . . . CREEPY

Tenko as Ivan – sexyyyyy

Found something to play with 8D Somehow this masks reminds me of a manga . . . which name was it – I forgot >. < !

Gorilla guy ( Dr. Kargum ) surrounded by creepy yet hot girls WTF XD haha <3

Me with May ( as zombie ringmaster *A* ) , Aimi
and Ling-Ling ( creepy bunny girl <3 )

Kami as dark clairvoyant . . .  some reminds me of Dschafar from Aladin <3
BTW – this photo taken by Tenko is genius .

A nice fisheye group photo :D JUST LOOK AT THE GORILLA ” Me eating strawberry sweets :3 “

We even had a pumpkin carving contest ! My very first time EVER to carve a face into a pumpkin

Me VS. Ling-Ling

The outcome :

Actually I wanted to make a Jack Skellington pumpkin but I utterly failed ._______. 
So I tried to make it pretty in someway XD
The one Ling-Ling did was great though ;A; I love how she made the eyes ! It’s creepy yet cute <3 Mine is more like adorably cute not creepy at all . . .
Well, well – that’s all for today ! Just as I told you at the beginning – the party was great ! ! !
I hope you also took many great memorable photos of you and your friends !
love ‘n’ kisses 

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