Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 4 / Munich’s architecture

Finally the last part of my Munich trip !
In this post I’ll include all the photos I have taken while sightseeing the city :)
Time for Munich’s architecture !
Old Pinakothek – opposite to the New Pinakothek
I have taken this photo at the Marienplatz – the space where the town hall is :
Such a beautiful huge building ! Built in Gothic Revival style :) Really lovely looking and representative – I love gothic style architecture ~
Here’s the toy museum :) Did not go inside . . . lack of time
 . . .
Palace of justice – not as huge and massive and exaggerated as the one I saw in Brussels though !
I also went inside the famous Frauenkirche in Munich <3
A late-gothic church – thus it doesn’t really seem like other typical gothic churches .
I always have the Dom in Cologne in mind if I think of gothic churches – so damn beautiful 
Under construction . . . pretty normal for gothic churches .____.
Surprisingly the Frauenkirche is quite bright inside . That’s because this ones facades and pillars are coated in a white unlike most gothic churches , where the stone pillars and walls are left as they are .
On another day we went back to the Marienplatz – gladly the weather was solo much better than the days before ! So I took the opportunity to take great photographies of the New Town Hall <3 Better than the ones before !
I even discovered this by chance :P I don’t know about it , but I bet there is a nice little story about it ~
And nooow – to finish this post :
I wouldn’t dare to forget about the Allianz Arena when talking about Munich’s architecture ! 
Well – sorry for not having enough time to show you more of Munich’s great architecture . . .
Wait for my next blog post about how I spent my Halloween this year !
The party was awesome ~

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