Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 3 / FC Bayern München – visiting their home / Allianz Arena

Hey lovelies 
FC Bayern München fans !
This third blog post about my trip to munich will be ALL ABOUT the overly awesome “Alianz Arena” – the soccer stadium in Munich and home of the FC Bayer München !
I must admit that I am a litle bit of a FC Bayern München fan though my sister and my father are even bigger fans :D
Visiting Munich also includes visiting the Alianz Arena , especially for an architecture student .
Getting close . . .
. . . and closer . . .
. . . and closer . . .
BTW  !
The soccer stadium has a very nice shape and a naturally appropriate facade :D
it somehow resembles the typical bavarian ( blue-white ) checked pattern :
( that’s the Bavarian flag )
. . . and getting inside ! Finally ._.
( Such a long walk )
This is where the players change clothes <3
If you read this – this one is for you , Judiiiith :D
After the tour inside the stadium we went inside the “Erlebniswelt” – kind of a museum of the soccer club :
The oldest tricot version VS the recent one
That’s a small modell of the soccer stadium – with the lights on as when there is actually a game !
White light for when other soccer clubs play in the Alianz Arena :
And red for when the FC Bayern München play !
Even when they are playing inside the Alianz Arena but somewhere else the stadium lights up in red . Kind of like keeping one’s fingers crossed
Their victories of the year 2013 !
Again – this is for you , Judith !
Well – that’s it for todays post ! Wait for the final post of my Munich trip :3
It will be all about
 Hope you got a nice overview of the Alianz Arena – yup , not much facts , but if you’re interested in more , I would suggest visiting the building by yourself <3
Lots n lots of love to you ~

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