Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 2 / Dirndl time – auf den Wiesn !

Hello everyone <3
It’s time for the next part of my Munich blog entries :
Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 2 / Dirndl time – auf den Wiesn !
This blog post is all the actual Octoberfest in Munich ! Well, at least, what I experienced, what I had to go through . . . and the first thing you definitely need to do before going on the “Wiesn” ( that’s the place where the Octoberfest takes place ) , is go shipping . . .
for a DIRNDL .
It took me all day to find a nice good-looking Dirndl, which would fit my size, my taste AND my pocket money . They sure are pretty expensive . . . but they got sooo many !
In one of the Dirndl shops I took some photos of the dresses – they had sooooo many ! And they weren’t expensive at all ! The cheapest was about 60 € Yea . . . cheap .
I sooooo love this purple one (beneath) ! If I hadn’t bought mine BEFORE finding this shop ,  I definitely would have bought this . Srsly
Anyway – the one I bought is acutally size 30 . That’s something like size XS . WTFH . 
I swear I’m still the same weight as always , but it seems to me that Bavarian sizes are quite big .
And now finally – that’s me in my red-brown Dirndl !
With red floral hair piece <3 
I love it , though it came of my head all the time . . .
I guess,  don’t really like the top , chest part of the dress :/ WHY I DON’T QUITE LIKE IT ?
WHY ? ? ? 
I’m a small breasted asian after all . . .
Us having a really really good time in one of the famous festival tents !
Here are some of the festival tents from the outside –
I wanted to show you how interesting the facade of the tents are designed :D
 And how much the beer company spent on the tents in order to top other company !
And this ladies and gentlemen . . . this is how it looks inside one of those tents .
Drunkards, drunkards everywhere !
I hope you got a hint of how the Octoberfest is like .
So much beer . So pricey food AND beer .
So many tourists .
So many people asking for a photo of me BECAUSE I’M ASIAN . WTF .
Normally it’s the other way round .
Anyway – look forward to my next 3rd post of my days in Munich ! 
There are two more coming ~
Love <3

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