Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 1 / Food and city walk

Hey lovelies <3
Seems like I actually had the chance to go on vacation during semester break :D
And not anywhere . . . I actually went to visit
I took a whole lot of photos to share with you so let’s start with
Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 1 – Food and city walk
The first dining place ( very important of course ) we visited was a nice and modern japanese ramen restaurant called Nipponnoodles .
For only 2€ more I even got to have a bigger portion of my Dan Dan Mien .
 ( I know – it is actually chinese soup noodle, but the Dan Dan Mien at this restaurant wasn’t bad ! Only not so very chinese :D )

While walking around in the city I got to see many sights and interesting buildings ( which I will show you in another blog post, as I would overflod you with too many photos )

We went to Vapiano , too , even though it would appear to be nothing special to me anymore . . .  just like eating sushi :D

I guess I do post too many Vapiano and sushi foodographies here .

Another great place to dine and be satisfied , yet a bit difficult to reach via subway train or busses : Take Don .

It’s a rather small shop with a rather tiny choice of dons/ricebowl meals . Still it is absolutely worth visiting !  

Even now that I’m writing about it and looking at the foodography at the same time makes my drool . . . 

Here is another great place to dine :

Augustiner Bräu Ausschank

– eat german food the way it should be !

I ordered some Weißwurst/bavarian white sausage with sweet mustard :D

How I learned how to eat it here :

Peel of the skin of the water-boiled sausage and dip with mustard .

How my father once prepared and ate it :

Barbeque the sausage and eat it with ketchup .

Eat it the way you prefer, I guess

In the following : best Kaiserschmarrn I have ever . . . EVER in my entire life tasted !

There might be even better ones out there , but for me , this one tasted absolutely near being perfect . No jk .

Somewhere in the city I even got to meet some few pandas :D Near the Marienplatz . I guess there were 1600 pandas . . . too much cuteness !

Oh hellooowww ~So this was Munich O’zapft ! Oktoberfest Part 1 !

Hope you enjoyed reading !

Until very soon !


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