Adventure Time ! / housewarming and birthday party !

Hey lovelies ! 
Here it is – finally . . . sorry for the delay :D
The post about my housewarming and BDAY party !
FYI – I just got old .  21 years to be exact . But that means I can legally go into casinos in the US and in Macau :D Wohoooo ! I guess I’ll forever be a child in my mind because growing up means having more responsibility and less time and so much more work to do . 
And even more fast food . . . 
Never the less I guess it’s time to show you how great our party was ! 
The flat was filled or rather stuffed with people
most of my friends invited came
plenty of beer ( though we did have to go buy some more )
nice BBQ food
good music
overly awesome birthday presents 
no one exaggerating 
What more could we have wished for a perfect party ?
Let’s start with the outcome of the disposable cameras we placed everywhere in the flat ! This way everyone could have taken a nice party pic at any time :) And I wouldn’t need to worry about my camera 
Ling-ling (best flat mate eveeeeeerrrrr ! ! ! ) , Kolja ( fellow architecture student ) and me
Henne ( buddies for E V A )
Taken while eating CENTER SHOCK . FABOULOUS LOOKING , aren’t we ?
Some of my fellow students . . . with one traitor . 
He left us behind . 
The one far on the right . 
Tss – you left us to study BWL/business studies . 
How could you  ?!
Hennöööö (looking all innocent ) and Michelle 
Next are some photos taken by my Lumix <3
As some of the photos had poor lightening, I edited all of them and made them b/w . To make them look even more epic :D
 Judiiiith ( on the right ) – thank you so much for coming ! I love youuuu <3 
Faboulous :D
That’s iiit <3 Hope you like the post ! It took us much money to develop the negatives 
I forgot how expensive it was . . . we’re only poor students !
Anyway – I also received lots of great presents ! 
Thnxx everyone <3 
Most special and best gift I got :

A cotton-candy maker !
Soooo gotta show you how nice cotton-candy it makes – but first I need to practice 8D
( Got this cute panda beanie , too <3 )

Much love to you  !

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