Meeting old school friends ~ / Essen Original / Extrablatt

Judith and me planned to meet in Essen to go to the Open Air festival there called
Essen Original !
After having met just a week before at my housewarming and birthday party
( There will be a nice post in the near future about this :D ! )
it’s nice to have a relaxing time with her once again ~
Since we all seem to have vacation now, I also got to see some of my old school friends ! It’s been more than a year since I last saw them ! With that in mind I feel kinda old . . .
Anyway – the gathering was pretty nice and nostalgic <3 Knowing that everybody is doing well going their own path ( so many different paths >___< ! ) is kinda motivating ~
Here are some LQ ( means looooooooowwwwww quality ) photos of our relax time in the café Extrablatt :
You rock , Henne , you surely do :D One of a kind !
Henne and me with his newly invented neon glasses or whatsoever ~
Be sure to check my blog next week ! I’m gonna blog about my overly awesome “ADVENTURE TIMEEEE!!” party , so don’t miss it !

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