Reunion with best friend Judiiiiiiith ! / Vapiano’s special Indian Pasta / Quarkerei ! No more Frozen Yoghurt :P

Seems like the peaceful days are coming now – finally .
Time for a reunion with my dearest friend Judith, whom I haven’t seen for another few months now ! And since I am sooooo not the type to communicate via telephone / mobile phone , I guess we yet another day spent together with a whole lot of talk :D You know, news about other friends and so . . .
And where else did we meet , if not in our beautiful home town Essen ? 
We had lunch at Vapiano !
Judiiiith ~ Lots of looooveee to you
(You see this ? It’s actually so not me – using glittering pink hearts :P But they can move ! )
Had this overly awesome Indian Pasta !
Ingredients were about this :
Full grain spaghetti
olive oil
curry powder
coconut milk
(the yellow stuff I would say is some kind of . . . vegetable XD ! Not sure what , but I’m sure it didn’t dominate the flavoring :P
After that we went shopping a bit in Essen and discovered a new food shop :D
Its name is quite special yet very obvious to what it’s selling :
( from quark/curd cheese )
They have frozen quark . . . no, not frozen yoghurt but FROZEN QUARK WTFH !
And I must admit – it sure is good  ! No, not the frozen quark, which I have NOT YET ( but sooooon enough .~) tasted, but the “Quarkbecher”, which you can envy beneath :)
That’s worth a meal, you know ?
joke .
Anyway – I hope you enjoyed this post ! I get to see my family and friends a lot these days until study courses start once again so I don’t waste a single day and try to make up for the past few months in which my family and friends may as well have thought that I were dead .
no joke .
Somehow this is a sad sad fact . . . damn , but there will be some veeeery good news or at least I hope there will be !
Until then – I will enjoy the nice days with too much leisure time :D

somewhat random note :
The reason why I love doing my make up every single morning – I love eyeliner and how it can make a huge difference ! I looooove eyeliner ! Even I can look kind of serious with eyeliner ! Haha XD

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