food post Juli & August !

Short summary of the missing foodographies of Juli and August . . .
Now let’s play a game . . . I bet you would never guess which one of these are actually canteen meals :D Now, now, my lovely Lumix GF3 really does take lovely photos only <3
Cevapcici (meat rolls) 
Not so good Energy drink but nice can :D

We are so lucky to have some pretty good burger restaurants in Aachen ! Needless to say that I would go there to have a good burger ! Nope – this one is toooooo good to be canteen food !

Obvious whether it’s canteen food or not right ?
This is . . . ? . . . really cheap yet yummy ! 

Ok, ok, the last four photos were taken in an awesome Thai restaurant :3 I don’t know how they are called ( each of them has an impossible-to-memorize name ) but it sure was yummy !

Tehe – I guess it was pretty easy after looking through ALL photos :D ? YUP – the first meal was canteen food ! Sometimes they do have nice food ! I really can’t stand most of their meals but sometimes it isn’t too bad :P


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