RUSH K-Pop Cover Dance Group perfomance at the / gamescom 2013 – celebrate the games ! part 1

Back from being busy and from the . . .

This year was super awesome as my K-Pop Cover Dance Group and me got the chance to perform on stage in front of hundreds of people !
Please do visit our page on facebook :
So let me show you the Saturday in photos and some exclusive video material of some of our cover dances !
First of all : Jasmin and me in front of the waiting people :D All of them had to wait be we got to get in first because we were VIP . . . 

While taking a photo for a friend – photobombing level : zombie .

OK, I guess :D

Just look at those masses . . .

So in this first part of my gamescom report the first two dances of my group !
Lovey Dovey
from T-ara
I am the best
from 2NE1

After that we went out for karaoke and food with some of Jasmins friends :)

We were sooooo hungry . . .
Jasmin and me derping around while waiting for her friends :P
So that was the first part summary of the gamescom – do look forward to the 2nd part with the next three dance covers !
Lots n lots of love to you

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