Helping out as a maid ! / at the Strawberry Sundae at Animagic 2013 Bonn

Hey lovelies <3
Time for some university unrelated update !
I have been working as a maid at the last Animagic in Bonn at the Strawberry Sundae Maidcafé – but still as a Lucky Chocolate Maid :D
It might seem a little confusing, but I was only helping out as a maid, so I did NOT switch the gang :D Even though they are all also very lovely, I love Lucky chocolate more <3
Since I have been staying with them for 4 years now !
All done with make-up and hair – a rather casual look, since I don’t want to stress my hair too much when the sun shining so much… it was 34 °C WTFH
That’s a chibi me drawn by Anika – a lovely cosplayer guest <3 She was a female Gaara !
Here is another lovely art drawn by a guest ! So good !
Here my lunch :
Tempura and Takoyaki balls – yummy !
Something that I reeeeally liked about their Maidcafé was the Photowall and the idea to take photos with the guests, which can only be seen on Facebook! This way you can get a lot more traffic on the facebook page and the fans get more active plus more likes :D
With a guest and maid Aimi – as a civilian. XD
Us Lucky Chocolate Maids (those who helped out were: Maid May, Maid Aimi, Maid Tsuki, Maid Yui and me, Maid Jenny) and some hosts (Momo, Ton)
Well, thank you very much for all the lovely photos you have taken, Binh! He’s a very good photographer but a very bad bad baaad friend. Someone who actually runs away, after paying the bill of drinks of his friends. No way of catching up with him.
He’s badass.
Please do take a look at his work and his website :
My diner BTW – leftover fried noodles and gyoza, which was OK.
Here Aimi and me tried to mimic the two pairs in the background of the Photowall… we look way better than them, don’t we???!?!
how about a short OOTD ?
black wedge shoes (which I looooove and wear far too often) from Ebay
black overknee tights with hearts from Syndrome
polka-dot blue skirt from somewhere in Hong Kong
striped oversize shirt from Monki
colourful Iphone case from DIM (Done it myself)
Two nice Tobis who let me wear their masks :D It’s suffocating especially in summer … Tobi… poor poor guy…
This is the Tony Chopper Hat (new version) I got for my flatmate and dear friend AND maid colleague Ling-Ling <3 She soooo wanted to have this but could not decide, whether to buy it or not… so I decided for her as a surprise !
Now it has come to the final photo again – me and Maid Aimi … saying goodbye and welcoming you to visit our Maidcafé at the next convention!

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