short post / nail art monochrome leo / summer time = no time

Short break for me and short blog post for you !
This time :
showing off my monochrome leo nails .
I love doing leo nails as they are so damn easy to do, I get to mix many colors together and I can watch a drama while doing that ! Ok, I can’t continue with work (university) while doing that, but that only means I get to have a break – hell yea !
I chose 
a dark gray as base
a light gray as “dots”
 and black for the outlining of those “dots”.
These days I’ve been working really hard on some projects for university but the sun is giving me a really hard time . . . Y U COME OUT WHEN I HAVE NOT TIME????!?!?! 
So I guess I made me some time in order to enjoy this beautiful weather like everyone else !
Be sure to take a break and step into the beautiful summer sun every now and then, even if you’re busy with learning and with finalizing projects like I am .
Life is too short to be spent inside a warm and stifling room !
Really . . . what is this field of study ??? Architectures really have no life !
I had a really hard time these weeks and sometimes I came to think of dropping out . . . but now I have recovered my motivation especially after the last colloquium in architectural drafting !

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