EE exercise 4 – Kommune / a community house / from beginning to the end / history of Aachen

Hello lovelies !
So sorry for being busy these days so I wasn’t able to post anything lately… But these next months will be full of work for me so it will remain like this for those months… sorry ;A; ! But still I gotta keep you updated every now and then so how about we start with the final exercise of the semester for architectural drafting?
This project was really interesting as it was no longer as abstract as the exercises before (though still a bit abstract) and much more complex. Our task was to fill a gap between houses with a building which should be of use for a group of persons, a community. Thus the name “Kommune” – commune.
First we went to visit the said place in order to analyse the surroundings, the neighbourhood etc. :
A very interesting street art opposite of the gap :
the history of Aachen !
Students being kids again – well :D
After the analysis we started with the draft for a building… by first thinking of a pamphlet which should portray the theme/keynote of ones building. I thought of a rather extreme keynote – oligarchy. It was a bit too negative and extreme for my tutor so she told me to change it into safety and shelter, protection. Here is the pamphlet I drew for my keynote, I did not need to change it at all :D
BTW – I have been inspired by some communist pamphlets before I drew this :D . . .
Here are some of the others:
The last one was done by a dear friend of mine – Nik :D He really did a great job and I think he is really talented when it comes to drawings !
After that we had to think of a space model. Space as room space . I need to admit that I didn’t really give my all in those models but rather in the work I have done after that.
Shall I show you the final result of our hard work ? 
First time I got picked by the professor and he praised me for the neatly done model and the drawings (he probably didn’t notice, that I have drawn them with Autocad – computer program . . .  still was a hell lot of time spent on them !). But he complaint about my toilets. Well, there might have been not enough space to move freely I guess
So here is progressing of the model :
Anyway – I think we all did a pretty good job ! I spent more time than usual on model and drawings and it definitely paid off ! Guess I need to keep this up – it really motivated me after being praised
Next exercise to finish will be Baukonstruktion (constructional drafting) – this will be literally big . Format A0 . WTFH but I guess I need to really push myself for this exercise . . . the last weeks have been very very hard for me especially because of this ! FIGHTING !

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