A HAPPY DAY at Judiiiiith’s birthday ! / Finca & Bar Celona / new Superman is hot / OOTD

Sooooo after quite a long time we three could gather up the time to meet up again!
For no other reason but
to celebrate 
We went out to eat at Café & Bar Celona (Finca), which is a very lovely and idyllic place to eat with a nice and warm spanish atmosphere ~ It was the first time for me to visit this restaurant <3
Salima and Judith ~ Such a long time since we last saw each other
Now to the food we had :
GIGANTIC OVALE PIZZA – really yummy !
Judith’s birthday cake- er… tiramisu <3
After that we went shopping in Essen and I bought
a very thin and long boyfriend-look-blazer (15€ – Gina Tricot)
a very festivalish red top (8€ – Gina Tricot)
a simple black clutch (8€ – Gina Tricot)
a new bra –
which I am not gonna show you XD
Then the two of us went to watch
Man of Steel 
at the Cinemaxx in Essen when we saw this great advertisement on the mirror in the toilet of the cinema :D
boyfriend jeans shirt from Cotton On
chain bag from unknown
fake Minnie Mouse iPhone case from notDisney
not shown brown leather shoes from Topshop
(what an awesome OOTD XD)
Great advert – but we missed the opening so I’m gonna go there next time I have the chance !
BTW – Superman aka Man of Steel was so overly awesome (pretty much exaggerated) but fitting for Superman ! AND DAMN – he is so good looking and perfect . . . too perfect to be anyone’s boyfriend :D Teheee…
Well, hope you also had a lovely weekend ! 

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