Photoshooting in Cologne part 2 / / OOTD / thai food !

Hello again, lovelies <3
Soooo – here is the 2nd part of the photoshoot in Cologne !
Please do take a look at the blog of the photographer :
 He takes beautiful streetfashion photos of people to show of their style, fashion taste, personality (?)
Anyway – enjoy the last part of the photos we took on that day !
In this part we were at some less touristic places in Cologne which I myself have not seen up until that day . . . It was a nice way to see other sides of Cologne and I got to take many lovely photos, too !
Me concentrating on capturing a nice perspective with the beneath photo as result :D
We went in into a store with lots of interesting objects . . . Oh yea :D
nice ceiling <3
Teheeee – got a snapshot of my photographer ! 
Busstop back to the city !
That’s when I changed clothes :)

red loose top from Monki 

black waterfall skirt from H&M

same black wedges from the outfit before still from nobrand
black bandeau top from Gina Tricot 

golden statement necklace from Primark
Out of all the photos the photographer took that day , somehow this one here is my favorite ! 
I like the way I look very distant and somehow dreamy in this photo ~ 
Though it may not portrait my outfit at its best :D
After that we went to eat thai at a near restaurant and I must admit . . . it was soooooo yummy 
Teheee… hungry ???? 
So that’s it ! Hope you liked the posts and the photos ! Don’t forget to stop by at ! He also reviewed the restaurant ~
Love and kisses !

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