Photoshooting in Cologne part 1 / / OOTD

Hello, lovelies <3
This post and the next will be all about the outcome of a whole day spent in Cologne for a photoshooting !
It was sooooo much fun and the photographer was really nice !
He is the owner of the blog
 He takes beautiful streetfashion photos of people to show of their style, fashion taste, personality (?).
When he asked me if I had interest in a photoshoot and he sent me a link to his blog. Though it might be a rather young blog, I think it will grow to a great blog soon!
Soooo happy I got to be part of this !
So here is part 1 of the photoshoot on that day : a mix of my photographies and his – enjoy ! In chronological order :D
on the way and having breakfast – a chicken snack wrap from Mc Donalds :D Too much mayo . . .
obviously in Cologne <3
At the Hohenzollernbrücke known for all the locks you see here . . .
I think it does look quite enchanting :) But no – I have no lock there and I don’t wish to :P
Then we went to this building to get a nice panorama view over Cologne
my back :DDD But still, I really love this photo !
now that you see me complete outfit how about a short
blue white striped shirt from Etam
jeans backpack from Primark
black synthetic leather skirt from Silvian Heach
my favourite black wedges from nobrand
Moving to the Altstadt of Cologne :)
I HAD to do this :D After all – I am a foreigner to Cologne and thus a tourist ~
My pancake face .
Ok, so now ending with a selca of me enjoying this delicious ice cream cone . . .
look forward to the part 2 of the photoshoot in Cologne ! I promise you at least one photo, that you will be sure to remember
Lots n lots of love n kisses

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