Excursion to Vaals / St. Benediktusberg / architectural studies on the road

Last week we ended up here somehow :
Just look at how lonely the tiny bus stop is. Not even a car crossing the road. 
Yup, so we came to take a look at a church (St. Benediktusberg) near Vaals.
I love how the light comes into the corridor of wood <3
Our objective was to find a nice place to situate our houses (for one person) for the next project in Raumgestaltung !
So I also wandered through the forest to take some pictures but it was rather dark in there :D
I want to place my house in the woods because though the the resident is living alone in the house he would never get lonely because of all the life surrounding him.
In spring he would wake to the lovely tweets of the early birds, in summer he would see the listen to owls at night, in autumn he would notice squirrels preparing for the cold and in winter he would have chances to spot them.
I’d even say – rather a house in the woods than a house left alone in the middle of a green field.
Would it be me living in the house, I would actually seriously pick the wood housing :)
After the excursion I took a bus to Vaals to do a little shopping at the Albert Heijn supermarket there. There are soooo many lovely things!
Just look at the cakes here :
And nowhere near expensive, I swear <3
Gotta get a car to drive there daily, hell yeaaaa !

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