Japantag 2013 aka J-Day / japan + Düsseldorf + sun + wind + rain + Championsleague + friends !

Japantag 2013 aka J-Day
was just about last saturday! Guess what, the weather . . . was suddenly quite nice… but during the day it turned its back to us once again and it started raining every other hour… WTFH.
 . . .
Well, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing plus the rain was coming and going . . . still had a lovely day with everyone !
Here’s the summary of the day in photos

Backstage of the ADAC-stage, right before the cosplay contest started :) A friend of mine also participated in this so she was there and I followed her backstage XD

Here some photos of each candidate of the contest , maybe you’ll recognize the manga/anime the are from – I don’t really know that many to tell you

From Wedding Peach the (obviously) pink-haired main character, the most annoying one :D

From PoT – Prince of Tennis :D That arrogant captain from another team !

Also from PoT but I forgoz who… Sanada? Not sure…

Lulu <3 Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass as Emperor <3 I love that anime and I sooooo love him !

Some character from Final Fantasy . . . I’m no Playstation owner and I never got to play any FF except FF III, IV, X and XIII and XIII-2 … and only the beginnings of those :D But isn’t she the queen or something who dies early??? Sry if this is a spoiler . . .

Next is a character I also really reaaallyyyy love from a manga /anime I really reaaaaallyyyy love : Perona from One Piece! 

Coming next is Ciel from Kuroshitsuji (or so) aka Black Butler, an anime I never watched :D But I know how famous it is… too much squishy little girly boy for me, srsly…

Up next is also another character from PoT, oh no, it’s the New Prince of Tennis :D (NPoT…??)

Character I don’t know :D Since I did not watch or read it . . . yet <3

Ok and now comes Kobato from Kobato (Clamp… I love CLAMP !!) Her cosplay was soooo greatly done <3

Also from CLAMP :

Princess Tomoyo or so… I forgot

Another character from CLAMP who I srsly don’t know but I would love to! This asian girl came from Denmark to participate in this contest (after all, this first price is quite HUGE, tell you later about it :)

She moved so nicely, as if she practiced for it for a long time <3 Really good presentation !

Also from Kuroshitsuji – a Shinigami ???

I must admit I never ever played a game where she appeared but I still know of her – here’s Midna form Zelda :

Coming next is the WINNER of the contest and also the winner of the ticket straight to Japan !






Kobato !

Yaaaaay <3 So happy when she texted me, that she really WON the competition! I’m so happy for her! Japan! Oh yeaaaa, she really did a great job and she soooo deserved it *A* I really envy people like her, who can make such awesome cosplays… <3
In the following I’m just gonna show you some photos taken that day with minimal commentary form my side :) Hope you like them !

Photo session with some maids from our café <3

Just remembered how some people wanted a photo of me, even though I did not appear in a cosplay or whatsoever… after asking why one of them told me that he wanted a photo of me because I look sooooo japanese. OK. Watashi Jenny desu. Watashi chugoku jin . . . !

(Dunno if that’s correct japanese, but after all, I AM CHINESE and not japanese ~ )

Instead of staying next to the river and freeze to death we went somewhere (a spanish restaurant for instance) to eat, warm up (a bit :P) and WATCH THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE GAME!!! WHOOOOOO <3 FC BAYER WON ! CHEAAAA <3 Nice game :)

AND OF COURSE, what cannot be missed out : the food we had there:

Vegetarian plate for 10€… ok, I got to watch the CL without having to stand or freeze, so it was soooo worth it !
Well, that’s it <3 Hope you liked my post!
For those who noticed – I stopped with the monthly food posts since I didn’t have many nice food to show you… I don’t want to post trash to show you XD… OK, for some people my whole blog might appear as a trash blog … still I will continue blogging about what I want ;D ! Keep on going, too! Gotta eat some instant noodles now, which I will not post :P Starving over here!!

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