DoKomi 2013 part 1 / pre-convention day – behind the scenes / all preparation is done !

Hey everyone !
Maybe I’d rather say :
Okaerinasai mase, goshujinsama, ojousama !
Yes, the DoKomi 2013 is over … too fast

It was soooo much fun! Personally my highlight was the nano concert ! Plus an exklusive giveaway… I’ll tell you what it is in my next post! This blog post is only about the day before the Dokomi! Friday! That’s the day with all the preparation and also very important!
So here are some exklusive behind the scenes photographies <3

Le me with hipster glasses . . . and Ton wearing them :D He looks like a real nerd with those XD

Aimi and Cinja taking a selca while others are hardworking . Tss :P

We had some sticker albums to collect our portrait stickers for sale – the customers had to beat us in Jan-Ken-Pon in order to get those :) But I always used scissor first.. dunno why… somehow the customers knew and beat me all the time ;A;

Lovely table enumeration :)

And now that is the THRONE for our dear customers, only for taking photos with us :)

Gathering around the table where some maids still had to cut out (!) the stickers… really was hardwork !

Chocolate muffin – INTO MY TUMMY !!!! <3

Now look at these lovely tv screens and what they play … tehe <3

This is the host club – also with a majestic throne :) But not with the roses :D

So lovely <3 Junmei, May, Cinja and Aimi <3

And them guys after last-minute practice of their opening dance for the next day :) They also prepared one this year!

Gotta show you in the next post!!

 Then I will blog about the convention days of DoKomi 2013 !

I’m sorry for not posting on time , as I’m pretty busy these days again… I need to prepare and finish lots of projects… this wednesday I will have another colloquium again

Now I still need to finish the model AND the drawings! WTF Noooooooo, so much left to do ;A;

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