OMG it’s a few days before the DOKOMI convention ! / Last minute maid photoshoot with Ling-Ling aka maid Umi

I’ve been highly anticipating the next days… 
which are the days of the 
DoKomi ! ! !
That’s right! It’s been another year now and I just noticed I have been blogging ever since that around that time last year!
In this year so many things have changed for me
– living on my own now
– studying architecture in Aachen
– eating habits have gotten worse since I don’t have much time
– I’ve started dancing in a K-Pop-Cover-dancegroup (and will be leaving soon due to the lack of time)
OK, no more revision of my last year- let’s get back to the topic!
Soooooo – tmrw will be the day before the DoKomi thus it is also a day, where all the helpers and maids and hosts and so on will gather to prepare for the great days :D
I will try to blog about the next days in the next week since I have a lot of leisure time then! 
Gotta prepare many things for projects, too, but one whole week of no lectures!
I’m gonna meet my lovely Judiiiiiith on tuesday! So many nice things coming starting tmrw for the next week, that’s my motivation RIGHT NOW to speed up and quickly get everything done before tmrw!
I just wanted to quickly show you the results of my last photoshoot for the Facebook fanpage of the Lucky Chocolate Maid Café !
We took the photos near the Carolus thermal spring in Aachen. It was an hour before the sun would disappear beneath the skyline… so we took the photos in quite a hurry ! But I think each of us did a great job both in posing and taking the photographies <3
Just look at the ones we chose for the facebook page :
Here’s UMI <3
I’m sooo proud of the photos I took of her! But just look beneath – she also did a great job :
Le me looking awkwardly at Mr Toast because of not knowing how to pose . . .
Anyway – that’s all for todays post !
Look forward to the overly-awesome-next-days post of the DoKomi! 



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