Gradient color blocking nails / short beauty post

Just a short post for us girls or some lovely guys :) Who knows?
Anyway –  this is my first attempt trying to make gradient nails and it actually did not end up in a mess like I foresaw :D 
Niceeeeee <3

So FYI – this is how easily I had it done :
1. I applied some coats of my base color 
2. Put small amount of each nail polish dripped onto aluminum foil and roughly mix it (just do some  zigzag strokes).
3. Use a make up sponge to soak up the nail polish and also blend it some more .
4. Tap onto the nails . As simple as it seems, it may not be too good to tap too often. Try to get the gradient look with one or two or at most three taps :)
5. For the next nail start from step 2!

(not done yet :D)
Final step is to remove the nail polish from your skin around your nail with Q-tips :) Easy task!

All in all it’s veeery easy to get gradient nails I noticed… but it does take quite some time … I’m so damn lazy when it comes to my nails… Next time I’m gonna try out a more balanced color pair!

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