Some new anime I’m really looking forward to watch ! / short post

OK guys and girls, otakus at best!

I just wanted to share with you some new anime which I am reeeeeaaally looking forward to watch! Since I’m doing that I also want to kinda recommend them to you, even though I can’t promise you anything! The stories seem interesting, the art lovely to watch (XD)! Gotta tell you about them now :
So first I want to start with introducing you to . . .
Devil Survivor 2 ( the animation )

genre: demons & supernatural & action

Anyway here is the trailer for the anime :
The first episodes so far were reaaaaally amazing! I love the story! I love the art! Totally gonna watch it up until the very end!
Every episode so far was soooo damn thrilling and exciting up until the last second <3
As the title already says it had a first part, but it was a DS game. I’m gonna play the DS game soon and I really hope that the anime does not spoil anything for part 1! 
But Devil Survivor 2 also had a DS game!

And a manga as it seems :)

So now to the second introduction . . .
genre: supernatural, action

I don’t know why but this anime seems to have caught my interest. Maybe it’s not all too good but I’ll give it a try! 
First episode so far not too informative and kinda confusing… but some anime like Durarara!! tend to be confusing and a bit boring at the beginning and then switch to a twisted ending! 
Totally one fo my favourite anime!
Well, without saying too much, here is a trailer of the anime (no sub, sry!) :

Looks interesting right :D? Let’s look forward to the next episodes !

Next one is . . .

Valvrave the Liberator

genre: OK- so this one is also mecha & action &

Tehe… I really really like the graphics in this anime… plus the story seems interesting <3
OK – after watching the first episode I was like… WTFH NO. YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS. SRSLY.

Now to the last anime . . . 
Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince
genre: mecha (<3!!!), action, science fiction

Pretty much a recommendation BECAUSE
  • mecha anime, and I looooove mecha anime over all other genres!
  • same production as Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny and Linebarrels of Iron! (all mecha :D)
So here’s the trailer, go ahead and watch!!!
OK, so that’s it! My favorite from those three is definitely . . . no, not the mecha anime but DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 !

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