Short trip to the Netherlands and Belgium part 1 / Rotterdam and Amsterdam ! / How I got lost and found myself in the red-light district . . .

Hey lovelies!
After quite some time I finally had time to go on a bigger trip to somewhere again!
This time I went to the
and to
with my family! (OK… Big sis is missing, since she is still in India :P)
It was a reaaaally lovely trip and I already posted about the food there… sooo lovely right???
We went there by car, since Rotterdam and Amsterdam are not that far from where we live (west of Germany). This way we were able to see so much more things than if we had gone by train!
Somehow this very wide and open plaza seemed attracting to me. Or maybe it’s just the lovely red carpet across the plaza? The buildings at the plaza were, well, not my taste :P Anyway, somehow I had to take a picture but I’m sorry for not being able to capture the plaza with my 8MP iPhone camera as I would have wanted to . . .
 Where are we at??? CHINA TOWN, man. Where else????
Found this at a shop in China Town in Amsterdam . . . Oh yeaaaaaaa . . .
. . .  IT’S FUCKING TOTORO ! ! !
In front of a chinese restaurant, which also sells these delicious chinese pastries! You soooooo gotta try!!!
And as a contrast to it :
Belgium waffles (but in Amsterdam . . . ?! )
So here was the point where a got lost. I took this one last photo and then wanted to get back to the chinese restaurant with the pastries.
Because we were to meet up with a friend there.
What happened?
I ended up walking the complete false direction (under direction of my sis) and thus we ended up in the red-light district.
How we noticed?
OK, I really gotta tell you- once you see a naked woman walking towards you (only a window seperated you from her) you know where you are.
You just do.
Ok, soooo that’s it for this first part of my trip! 
Next part will be a whole lot shorter and only containing my days spent in Belgium :) Since I went there to visit my aunt, I didn’t really get to see the cities there… But as some of you might know already –  I have been to Brussels just a short time ago :D So,
 P.S.: Skull head made of candy yessssssss! So freaking cool . GENUINE SKULL CANDY .
That’s it for today, have a nice day everyone! 

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