food post April

Time for the next monthly food post! It’s May already so here is the photographic diary of last months food <3 Tehe… for all asian, here is something veeery delicious and expensive :
Birds nest soup (sweet) (and other stuff which I can’t name in english :D)

Vapiano pasta food in Aachen again !

One day we met up to make some sushi <3 Or quite a whole lot of it… five persons… empty dishes after just 30 minutes WTFH
Veeeery tasty beer from Belgium !
At the NIDO restaurant in Mönchengladbach – had an overly yummy lasagne
The following foodographies are all taken in the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam) since I had a short vacation trip with my family there. I’m definitely gonna post about the trip in the next few days, it was so lovely there! Definitely worth a visit or more!!
Really nice days with shopping and really nice foooooood :
Let me introduce you to my absolute favourite Dim Sum . . .
Loh Bak Gou !!!! (Turnip cake) Some how I really really love it and there shall never be a Dim Sum eating without it!!! NEVEEEEERRR!
Wow, that sure was fast and sooo many delicous food at once, right?? More will be coming next month!

7 thoughts on “food post April

    • In Rotterdam we visited the “Tai Wu” near the casino ( and next to a japanese restaurant) :D This place had the most delicious food, I swear! And Dim Sum for lunch is nowhere near expensive there! The prices here in Germany for Dim Sum is so much more expensive ;A;

      In Amsterdam we went to Hoi Tin! That’s the shop with the chinese pastries :D Not as yummy as the one in Rotterdam, but still lovely <3

      • Hoi Tin, next to the temple right? I buy pastries there sometimes but never went in to eat. Guess I will try to visit it soon.

        How much is dimdum in Germany then? I think here I usually end up paying 10 euro’s each with a group of 3 or 4 people excluding drinks.

      • Yeaaa, it was next to it :D! The temple was kinda ugly, or maybe it was just me XD

        Dimsum here is starting at 5€ per dish. With my family of 6 people we always wnd up payibg around 100€ or more… But maybe it’s because we all eat so much :D still in rotterdam we pnly payed about 50€ for all of us! I thought there was some kind of mistake but no :D!

      • Yeah, that’s a pretty big price difference. Most of the restaurants I go to have dimsum from 3-5 euro’s. But do you think there’s a quality difference as well?

      • Hmm, there are always exceptions but all in all the dim sum I tasted in NL so far is better than the Dim sum here :) but really- there is one restaurant in Düsseldorf (dschunke?) we’be always gone to and it never failed to satisfy me *^* Yup <3 (But of course I don't know of all the Dim Sum restaurants here :D)

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