museum isle of Hombroich / architectural excursion

This time we had an one-day excursion to a somewhere near Aachen I have never heard about :)
They call it the
museum isle of Hombroich
(or rather Hombroich island?)
even though it is not an island but rather an isolated place with interesting aspects in art and architecture. Some very prominent architects have planned a building here, some may look a bit strange even, but nevertheless I think it is a bit out of the world . . . :D
Not really as interesting as I thought it would be, but maybe that’s all due to the very dull and gray weather that day . . . not forget to mention how bitter cold it was. I just felt completely ill all day through except at the time were were having lunch or when we sat in our busses back to Aachen.
We came here to see the landscape and decide depending on the draft idea we already had for the next biiiiiig Bauko project, which certain place to locate our building.
(Dunno if that is english just now… never mind :D Hope you understand either way!)
I totally fell in love with this construction… 
the mix of wood and the white ceiling… fascinated me more than any objects of the museum!
So that’s it, not much commentary from my side, art is at its best left alone without words anyway :D

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