Back from Brussels ! / And so . . . I lost my iPhone !

Sooooo I have been in
for an excursion for BiG, a professorship in my architectural studies! Thus we worked really hard and hardly got to see anything else but the buildings or sceneries we were assigned to draw. I got to practice using “aquarell”/water colour alot! My tutor praised me saying that she didn’t expect me to be able to use it the way I did :D Sounds somewhat . . . well :P
But the whole trip sure was fun and the weather was soooo damn good! Just look at all those lovely photos I took!
they are all different in quality and format than I’d prefer. Well turned out to be better, but this would never make up for the loss I experienced.
My iPhone 4S got stolen. 
I bet on it that it was stolen.
But a loss remains a loss, no matter how it came to this.
How I would know it sure was stolen?
Because it was connected to the headphones I wear around my neck, iPhone in my jackets pocket . . . Not possible dropping from it without me noticing due to the length of the cable . . . it would have somehow (because of the weight) got noticed by me . . . plus many fellow students were directly walking behind me. They sure would have noticed a mint green rectangular object on the ground! Daaaaaammmmmn iiiiiit !!!!
I am now saving much much money for my next purchases which are
  • an new smartphone ( iPhone 4S again or iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 or even S4) for around 500-600€
  • Playstation 3 with some certain games (or wait for the PS4 in winter…?) for around 350€ in total
  • new fridge as my old one, given by the landlord, is old. OLD I say. For around 200€
  • camera (wether a new system camera or DSLR I still have to decide…) or up to 600€ . . . or a bit more :D
makes somehow somewhat of 1500€ approximately… thats a whole lot of money for someone like me!  For someone who barely buys any food at all so I can save 50€ per month. If I keep up doing that . . . it sure would only take me another 30 months yeaaa :D Ok, change of plan. I save 200€ per month (no food, no anything, just breathing and sleeping) so it would only take 7.5 months!
Keep on dreaming, dear old me . . .
But hey, I was allowed to get on top of a tank!!!!randomly changing subject ftw

Ok, sooooo . . . these are my last photos taken with my iPhone… farewell then, Shiki (name of my phone ;A;)

Somehow someone got to make me do duckface quite often and now I have come to do that when taking selcas quite often, too. That certain someone is my boyfriend. Here I thought duckface was always uglyface. Damn him. This one is for you <3

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