Princess Mimi circle lenses ! / how beautiful these fans are . . . WTF ._.

Circle lenses! 
Yes I bought some.
Some time ago.
They arrived just recently, as they were preorders :D
Two are for a friend, two are mine <3 Lens cases included!
This time I wanted to try out the Princess Mimi Circle Lenses, the black and the dark brown one.
This is the black one
And this is the brown one :) I like the dark circle :D
Ok, now that’s me wearing the black one
I guess it might have been better to make detailed photographies but since this isn’t an advertorial or any such thing but just a haul post, let’s just stick with selcas
 Don’t mind my dry chapped lips. Don’t.
Got this with the order. Such a lovely necklace. Now I have to discuss with my friend, who is gonna take this.
OK- now a short complaint by me.
I ordered a box with 12 fans with beautiful printing (bird, fruits, very asian, very beautiful).
We planned to use it for a photoshooting planned in the near near future (this month) along with wearing yutaka dresses (not the traditional ones but more like costume dresses in yutaka style).
Here’s what I got a few days ago. Including my thoughts.
Oh yeaaa, it arrived! That’s really soon <3 Let’s open the package and take a look at it!”
 “Whoaaa, they look so small! Hm… maybe there are too small…? Let’s take one out and see!”
“OK, never seen this kind of fan before. So that’s how you open it…”
 “What’s with this overly happy anime sheep?! Hell no, please don’t let all of the fans look like this!!!”
“Oh wait it’s not a sheep, it’s a goat. And I got two of them. That makes 10 usable fans for the photoshooting and two I could gift to friends. Or small children. Or my brother Alex and his best friend Riccardo.
Thank you china. And thank you to the inventor of that goat. It will make two people really happy.

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