2nd Raumgestaltung exercise / working with hard plaster

As I may have mentioned in the last exercise post for the professorship (don’t know if it’s called this way) “Raumgestaltung“,
precision is really reaaaaally important for this study course/professorship (sounds so weird).
Thus everyone was really anxious about their models and drawings. Everyone at the the day of the presentation was thinking the same :
Damn it, I could have done better. I bet he will pick mine . . .  Oh hell, no D:!
Same goes for me. 
But first I want to show you this genius tool for cutting styrodur (which is similar to styrofoam)
It cuts with a wire which gets heated up due to the thermionic discharge effect.
I needed it to make the negative model for my positive model.
Well, the negative model is the space. The positive model is the land mass as the structure is entirely beneath the surface.
This is what I cut after one entire day. I had to redo many things again, in order for them to be more precise.
The more precise you are with the styrodur, the easier it will be for the following steps.
Those steps are
  • making the negative model (styrodur)
  • filling it with hard plaster/cement
and then
  • pulling out the negative model/styrodur from the positive model
Here’s the negative model :
I was really doubtful whether the long or small elements would not break or move…
Here are some models of others which I thought were pretty amazing.
I liked how he used the extra light – just take a look beneath.
Everyone loves stairs so why not make a little bit more? Here you are.
This is mine.
You don’t know how much I regret not having done the negative model differently.
I don’t mean the entire idea and draft but how I could have shown the model and the structure way better than this.
This way it’s just a massive amount of cluster. And it was impossible for me to carry it thus I had to roll it to the location of presentation.
OK, done with presenting the models.
random photos time!!!
Oh yea, we had to blacken the drawings with charcoal. This is totally normal :D
Best to wear dark clothes when doing the drawings.
I actually wanted to show you since a long long time how great the treehouse/”Baumhaus”, our working station looks at night. 
All lights on means everyone is working <3
Ok that’s it, I hope you liked the post!
A bit less emoticons this time as it would not fit this professorship that much :P

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