BLAU FUER AFRIKA / RWTH architect party

OK, this makes little sense.
Go partying for the sake of Afrika.
Almost like those charity/benefit events with all those stars meeting up in order to get a sum of money together. Why not simply ask for the money and save the money for the organisation of everything. My opinion to these events.
But I guess you donate more when you’re drunk. Or so.
Anyway, I wanted to go partying whether it’s for a good sake or not and I guess most people there thought that way.
What I wore that day (sorry, no full OOTD)
Next time!
 Nice photo except it’s a little bit too dark

Don’t mind me looking drunk – guess what. Yup it’s because of the lightening.
But I don’t look red at all… you know… no enzymes…
 My photobombing peace-sign-hand !
The music was kind of monotone at times. I prefer a mix of electro.

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