Food post January and February / massive amount of foodographies / CNY

Food post again after two whole months! 
It’s been such a long time since the last already… doesn’t seem like it, since I was busy all the time… just like I predicted .____.
Anyway- here’s the compilation of January’s and February’s foodographies <3
And be warned – it’s pretty much . . .
I’m sorry but all the photos are kind of mixed up so I can’t really remember the order of which I have taken first
  . . .
 That’s chinese new years, well, “cake” :D It’s kind of sticky yet sweet and once dry fried in the pan, it kind of caramelizes so it tastes ultimately amazing fresh and hot from the pan, I swear. Once a year I eat this and I really really can’t stop eating it every time, it tastes too good 
 CNY food stuff :D
 Pho FTW 
 Ummmm… some kind of jelly puddings… in the tastes kiwi, lichee and mango… guess which colour goes with which taste :D?
Since my aunt and grandma came to visit us in February, they also brought something nice with them
I love them… my aunt and my grandma and the cookies !!
Domino’s Pizza , the DELUXE one, of course… :D
With extra pizza dip – never heard of anything like that before but yea, tried it and I must say: Not to my liking
But this one also bought from Domino’s Pizza was much more to my liking :
 Oh yeaaaaa <3 Ben&Jerry’s icecream is THE SHIT !
There’s this cute little cupcake store I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I came to Aachen, but I never had the chance to… I pass by their café only seldomly but every time I do I see their lovely cupcakes in the window <3 . . . sadly I only pass by there at night when I walk back home because there are no more busses :D
I little small and it was just a snack, but it just looks kinda cute… plus it’s I-Aah <3 Mule <3
OK – no more trashy foodographies :P
  blurry, but bet on it, hell yea it was yummy <3 Traditional chinese food but yet very easy to make – 
Another blurry photo but just look at the lovely sushi form  <3
 These are “Windebeutel” / cream puff <3 They look so lovely wrapped individually, but well, they are kind of expensive . . .
Saw these at the japanese bakery at the Immermannstreet aka “Japanmeile” in Düsseldorf~
My both favorite ice creams – black sesame and matcha <3
And guess what, I was at
Ginseng in Düsseldorf again :D
 This time I got a dinner menu including these:
This is like some kind of pancake but not sweet and you have to dip it with the sauce which tastes a bit like vinegar.
OK, OK, now don’t freak out like I totally did when I saw this . . . this massive tower of “Ritter Sport” chocolate bars was at the cinema in Mülheim . . . And I was like “OMFG, I want to make photos of it!!!!!” Guess what, I did – and all the people standing at the queue were watching me.

This is cheap ready-to-eat-lasagne from a cheap supermarket. I bet some of you heard of the incident with the horse meat in lasagne. So I just wanted to say that I was really reaaaally close to buying the cheap lasagne with meat…
Instead I got these spinach feta lasagne. :D
But just look at this :
Here I go again, posting random stuff.
Ok, back to the topic:
Frozen yoghurt from FROOTERS 
at the Limbecker Centre in Essen.
I really recommend their frozen yoghurt as you buy the waffles or a paper cup (in different sizes, starting at about 3€) and then you can add as much ice-cream/frozen yoghurt and toppings as you want! Or at least as much as your waffle/cup fits :) But I have a little trick for that, so that much more stuff can fit into the waffle though I always only buy the smallest waffle :D. . .  Maybe you can guess the trick by looking at the photo I took from my froyo <3
 ( I could have put much more toppings and ice on the waffle, but it wouldn’t look as good that way :P)
This was at a café near the place we had our Valentines Day Photoshooting in Düsseldorf – Belgium waffles FTW 
Last but not least – my mom bought this chocolate for half the price.
But you know, the presale price really high! I guess 4€ for 6 pieces of chocolate!
OK not really interesting either way.
BUT just look at the package!
YES – the metal package!
Thus I ate up the chocolate (with my mom and brother) and recycled the package for storing pencils. It’s just perfect for pencils!
PETERS dark chocolate with orange truffle filling~
Now that’s it for last month and this month. Like totally.

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