Bauko Ü3 – structural design 3rd exercise // analysis of a building // Maison aux Mathés aka Le Sextant from Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret

Sooooo . . .
let me introduce to you my 3rd project for structural design aka Baukonstruktion!
This time we had to analyze a building given by our tutor, build a model and of course make to construction drawings :)
I paired up with Barbara and let her do most of the analisis part… well… all of it
Our assignment was to analyze the 
“Maison aux Mathés” 
also known as “Les Sextant” from the world architect 
Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret (mostly his work).
It’s a holiday house at the atlantic coast in France. The costs of the building were kept low by only hiring workers from nearby and using regional material (wood, stones). Plus the architects never flew in to take a look at the land. All they got were notes and photographies and worked based on those informations. But somehow it worked out and so the Maison aux Mathés was built :D
Barbara also built the model… how good the outcome was… 
I’m so proud of her!!!
So I made all the drawings… not less work… I’d even say it was more, but it was totally fine, because she has so much more patience in making a model than me and I have more patience in drawing the constructions :) Plus I like this part of work and she… like most people… don’t :D
Well, here are some photos of the not-yet-done-project :
Damn, Barbara! Soooo proud of youuuu 
And one day we really got to finish the work.

And here is my part, which may seem less interesting to some people :D
Anything you are able to reach and touch is always more interesting than things on paper, I guess . . . 

 Hell yeaaaa :D Done and ready for the presentation! 
We got praised for our good work… YESSSSS!! HIGH FIVE!!!! I’m sure we will get very good grades for this project <3
 Wei being bored and tired from the exhausting presentations
 Nik being happy and proud of his and Wei’s “Boathouse” ;)
Hope you liked this post!

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