Photoshooting for Valentines Day ! // maids X hosts

First I’d like to say a huuuuuugeeeee 
to our dear photographers, 
who had to endure our overly childish breaks, 
when trying to get serious and take a nice pose for the photos :D 
It was sooooo funny with all you guys and girls and I hope that we’ll get to work together again soon!
The photos came out so lovely <3 

In this post I want to show you some preview photos <3
If you want to see more, become a fan of our 

There may also be a post on our blog 

and our website

on Valentines Day ~
So enough advertising for our Maidcafé <3
Here are the photos of our photographer Binh (his website ) :
May and me <3
Awwwww ~ the heart was soooo fluffy and warm ~ !
Look at how professional Aimi looks!! So lovely <3 
Lonely heart… somehow looks kinda sad ._____.
Pretending that there actually was something in the pond… well there is… but one might not want to know what :D
I’ll be back in a few days to post the photos of the other photograph :D! Be sure to visit again at that time! I promise they are just as good!
AWWWW, I really really loved the photoshooting <3

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