And my nose is . . . goooooooneeeee :D // OOTD // Hey, I got some new shoes !

My new avatar picture in some internet communities . . .
and “me in real” .
OK, pancake face is back XD

I like it when photos are naturally lightened… but sometimes the Iphone camera is unable to adjust correctly to the light so photos like the one above come out. Nope, I didn’t adjust them manually :P

Well, the front camera is far from good anyway… but better than nothing :P

Here some with the back camera ( 8MP <—-> front with VGA quality )

Outfit of the day with my new bought pullover from ROMWE . . . I guess I already told you how much I love this online shopping portal? Oh damn, how I love their leggings… I got my sister another pair of them <3 “Burning Fire” it was :)
 I also wanted to show you my new pair of shoes I bought when visiting my home town <3
They are from Marco Tozzi and are available in summer… yet I got to buy them because the shop I went to only has example/model shoes in stock. Yet they are much cheaper than when I would get them from other stores in summer! Such a nice deal! So I got two pairs! One for partying and the other for wearing with my maid dress for future events or for the DoKomi ( <—- link to the conventions website!).
Yes, I’m already preparing for the Dokomi this year… only a few months to go!
I just can’t wait anymore <3 So looking forward to it !!
as already mentioned – loose mint pullover from ROMWE
shorts from Zara,
which cannot be seen in this pic somehow :D
bracelets from no-name-brand,
bought cheaply somewhere
shoes from Marco Tozzi,
also as already mentioned
( Such a lovely big mirror!! Well, the dust is on purpose so that you know :P ~ Vintage ! . . . Ok, sorry for the yet uncleaned mirror… )
My legs look so long in these shoes . . .

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