Timeout with friends ! // lost and found :)

Here’s a short post about a thursday evening, when I spontaneously initiated a plan to go partying. Cheaaa :P
Before going out I invited everyone to my small flat :D And bring something to drink or snacks 
 Sarah with my monkey and kinda drunk Kolja
 The one lying down – Nik(nac) and Sina :)
 Beer, Wodka, Berentzen & Rotkäppchen :D
How to drink up all this in a short time? PLAY KING’S CUP 
 Again my poor monkey is wanted… laughing Barbara and Kolja again ;)
So how I looked for the night :
The front camera of the IPhone only works well with enough lightening in the room… so it always comes out this way I guess… maybe BECAUSE my flat in not well lightened
ANYWAY . . . after we drank up the alc we went out to find the next club. Once we arrived we all went inside but one. Barbara couldn’t get inside! Whhhhhat???? Yep – they didn’t let her inside as she didn’t bring her Identity-card with her 
So we decided to end the night earlier (ok, it was already 3-o-clock by that time :D) and went home. Because Sina wasn’t able to get home as it was too early, I told her to sleep at my place.
Now guess what we found at my place . . . ? ? ? 
Still it was a funny night with those guys – sooooon (after the exam) we will repeat this!

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